Jay Barr

Executive Vice President

I manage the day-to-day operations of TheCRM Corporation, overseeing all front-end facets of the company aside from the sales department. I work closely with the backend of the organization on issue resolution and technology advancements.

Who is Jay? - In short, I am a person who sincerely wants everyone to win and for people to take pride in helping others and work on attaining the best versions of themselves. People are my passion, and I pour myself into helping others to unlock their "superpower" so they can achieve the things they want to have a better overall life. Competitive and driven, I am your typical fun-loving guy with an outgoing personality. Outside of work, I love having a good time, which includes hanging out with friends, playing sports (some of them well, haha) and of course, the occasional adult beverage or two, or three, or seven! My family grounds me and are by far my biggest driving force and strongest support system. With my beautiful wife of over 20 years Sherri and three daughters Camaree, Kaia, and Kayla, my family unit is affectionately known as TeamBarr!

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