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CRMSuite is the foundation for the largest and most extensive AI driven selling system ever built for the car business. Everything you need, all in one place, working perfectly together because they were built together. From CRM to Equity Mining, from Digital Retailing to AI-driven Appraisals you don't need to "integrate" anything. Stop trying to sew together your perfect solution, the power is when all the data is in one place.

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Everything starts with our Award-winning CRMSuite platform and its modern data architecture. Unlike our competition we save your information in a dealer group dedicated data warehouse and cloud infrastructure. Those fancy words mean you won't go down or get slow because our other dealers get busy and it's really one record for every customer (no matter how many stores are in your group).

  • We never delete anything. Ever.
  • Texting and Video were built before we added email. This isn't your grandfathers CRM (although he could run it).
  • Every piece of information is cleansed and corrected in real time as it's added to the system. This means less duplicates and more real contacts.
  • Reporting, workflow, desking and campaigning are all customizable in any way you can imagine.
  • Service departments love us. Even the parts department hasn't been forgotten.
  • Olivia, our Artificial Intelligence Engine, watches everything. She'll make sure nothing falls through the cracks and even tell your people their daily schedules before they login.
We could write 100 more bullet points
no plug-in's or integrations needed
Imagine... Only 1 window open at a time


Time is money and while you might have a great team of appraisers, Olivia uses over 900 data points including your dealership sales history and current inventory to get to the right number. You might still want to step up to get the deal but PredicitivePrice will give you the right number for most vehicles in less than 15 seconds.

  • Title reports are built right in. You'll know everything instantly.
  • Because we use Olivia and her Artificial Intelligence we'll even predict the miles on a car and its optional equipment.
  • You don't need to turn dials to see what the competition is selling similar cars for, we watch the entire web in near real time.
  • Auctions, books and traditional information is a factor of course but we need the trade number in your market, at your store. Nobody buys cars at book, let's get the real value and then go make your deal.
  • Olivia and PredictivePrice even watch your preowned inventory and can even alert you when your price is out of the market
The real price isn't subjective
turn trade pending into trade taken
same value in-store as online


Every good car person knows to be successful you need to be everywhere, all the time. Listen to every call, read every email, scan every text and watch every video looking for training opportunities or chances to save a deal. Problem is that in the real World that's just not possible without a little highly sophisticated artificial intelligence engine thats done nothing but learn everything she can for a very, very long time. Olivia is here to help, but only because she cares.

  • Understands 44 languages and can transcribe every word faster than even the best court reporter (and more accurately too)
  • Sentiment is meaningless in any one text, email or call. To be accurate we need to analyze all communication together and then compare it against millions of similar situations to determine if there is an alert to be raised
  • No plug-in, integration or third party can read every note or transcribe inbound and outbound calls, emails and videos in near real time. Olivia will even create call summaries and easy to read words so you don't actually have to listen to anything
  • Notify anyone, anytime and for any reason. Change your mind? Our support can update in seconds or you can learn to configure yourself.
No minute counts or limits
unlimited alerts via email or text
Reading is faster than listening


Equity Mining has historically been an independent system. Usually the appraisals they give for trade-in's have been just book values and the numbers you shoot out to customers have not been very accurate. Most dealers have used Equity Mining tools as basically a lead generation system and whiles there's clearly value there it's only half the picture. UpgradeKeys is different and designed to feel at home inside our VIPportal digital retailing system as it is in our drip campaign system. And because it's made by TheCRM, you know it's usable by everyone in the same tool they use daily to communicate and sell.

  • Offers pop-up anytime you open a customer profile
  • Service records and title reports are built in
  • Appraisals based on PredictivePrice
  • Use equity throughout CRMSuite, including campaigns
  • Olivia-enabled means the opportunities are everywhere
Most accurate payments quoted
Olivia prompts or reaches out automatically
Open RO's trigger Alerts too!


Digital retailing isn't really just a website tool and TheCRM has built VIPportal into everything. From self-service, to showroom driven negotiation to automated desking in real time VIPportal allows your customers to stop and start anywhere they are. Less than 1% of your customers will go all-the-way on traditional digital retailing tools so let's focus on the 99%

  • VIPPortal is easy to log into and even easier to use
  • Customers aren't forced into a workflow, they do what they want, when they want and you see everything.
  • Of course we can handle the 1pcters too and lead them down any path you like with our PortalWizard technology
  • Alerts, pricing, counters, and proposals are all infinitely adjustable and in your control.
  • PredictivePrice, UpgradeKeys, CRMSuite and so much more are all built together to operate as one.
  • Branding, videos, forms and just about everything else is completely customizable
Link from anywhere
Safest data submission on Planet earth
Customers are actually working in CRMSuite

And that's not all folks...

Over 75 different widgets, tools, plug-ins and an OPEN API make TheCRM unlike anything every built for the automotive retailer. Remember you aren't just buying software here, the full team of experienced car people that work at TheCRM are here at your beck and call.... It's really about time.


Stop paying big dollars for a marketing team that looks great but converts less. It's not just the quality of the graphics that matters, it's the targeting, the timing and the understanding of the complete customer relationship. Stop firing the wrong offer to the wrong people at the wrong time just because it's easy. We'll do the heavy lifting and your marketing will never be better.

This is a Partnership
We speak"Car" and understand
Instant help any way you want it


Isn't it time that you can talk to your customers face-to-face even when you are miles away? No third-party plug-ins and no gaps in the conversation. One click invites any customer to see the back seat on a pre-owned or review the rotor on a repair. It's easy and all the videos are transcribed, OliviaCares can watch them and they are never deleted. The actual video is part of the customer record (try doing that with our competitors)

This is A Partnership
We Speak "Car" and Understand
Instant Help Any way you want it


It really doesn't need to be hard; push a button, get a number and make it ring everywhere at once or directly to one person. Then, because we're TheCRM, transcribe the conversation, log it forever, alert when it's going wrong and react to it in the course of your customizable reporting and workflow. The difference is we built our telephony system from the ground up so it fits like a glove. One less login and one less company to call...

We can also translate
Toll-free or local numbers
Packages for every size dealer


Yeah, we know, this used to be illegal but that's because of the way it was used. Pharmacy's, doctors and tens of thousands of businesses use VoicemailDrop or recorded calls to communicate important, approved messages every day. Ask us for the rules but add it to your CRM because it will take a lot of work off your team instantly and customers love it when it's used right.

Appointment Confirmations
Recall Notifications
Warranty Expiration


You don't need wet ink anymore on most of your forms and paperwork. CRMSuite offers the ability to have your customers digitally sign any document you want in seconds and keep it, and all the legal information needed, in the customer record forever. No more guessing if it's done, no more credit apps on desks or in drawers and no partnerships needed to get it in place.

All docs saved in the CRM forever
Permissions keep data private
Nothing ever lost

Best on the market

See how The CRMSuite compares.

The CRMSuite
Most other CRMs
Record Chance Log
Yes, built in.
Direct Text Messages
Video Chat
Yes, built in.
Yes, but external deliverer.
Phone Calls
Yes, built in.
Yes, but external deliverer.
Artificial intelligence
Yes, built in.
Predictive pricing
Yes, based on live data.
Predictive pricing
Yes, based on live data.
Predictive pricing
Yes, based on live data.
Artificial intelligence
Yes, built in.
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