Talk is cheap, unless it's coming from the actual users of the software. TheCRM isn't your average platform of tools and our customers aren't your average car dealers. You'll find a bunch more on our YouTube channel but we think you'll get the idea once you watch a few....

Esther Aguillon
Garlyn Shelton Auto Group
Chat on centralized BDC's in CRMSuite with Esther Aguillon
Derrick Woolfson
Automobile Corp
Fireside Chat with Derrick Woolfson.
Bob Navarre
Automobile Corp
Fireside with Bob Navarre - Vision
Jeremy Eisenberg
Automobile Corp
Chat on UpgradeKeys with Jeremy Eisenberg.
Brian Duble
Garlyn Shelton Auto Group
Fireside with Brian Duble
Tony Howard
Dale Howard Auto Center
Fireside with Tony Howard - Onboarding to Moving Forward
Gail Gensler
Automobile Corp
Fireside with Gail Gensler - Questions to ask.
Mike Darrah
Automobile Corp
Fireside with Mike Darrah - Change from Old to New
Bryan Barrnett
Barnett Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Tailoring and Customization
Alexander Kidd
Preston Mazda
Fireside with Alexander Kidd

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